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Aaruul – Dried Curds

Aaruul - Dried Curds

What is Aaruul - Dried Curds?

Mongolians make a variety of dairy products. The process of preparing Aaruul goes as follows. Yogurt is boiled, then filtered through a cloth to make curd. This curd is wrapped in another cloth and put under a heavy rock to push out all the liquid. After that, curd is dried under the sun but before then it is cut into pieces with a string or molded into a shape.
Curd is rich in protein and calcium. Curd can be molded into various types of attractive and interesting shapes for children and adults as well. Aaruul is good for digestion. It can be stored for long periods of time and when properly stored it does not spoil.
Aaruul is one hundred percent dairy product, nothing else is mixed in. In a way it can be more nutritious than milk.
Sugar or vanilla can be added for flavor. Aaruul has a sour taste and good for teeth. Add Aaruul on top of boiling hot water, tea and mutton soup for curing various diseases such as liver, spleen problems, blood pressure and also for relieving fatigue etc..

Aaruul Dried Curds Mongolian Dairy Products
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