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8 Essential Things to Know Before You Travel to the Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert Travel

8 Essential Things to Know
Before You Travel to the Gobi Desert

For those of you interested to travel or already booked a tour to Gobi Desert, you should have something to remember before your tour. Below travel tips to help you better prepare for your trip.

1. Gobi Desert is how far from Ulaanbaatar?
If you choose internal flight to Gobi Desert, it takes only 1.5 hours to Dalanzadgad province where you can take short drive to famous destinations. For the land tour, you need to drive at least 570km to Dalanzadgad. It takes around 7-8 hours. But most land tours take you other Ger camps in other famous destinations on the way to Gobi.

2. Beware from Stinging Nettle
Most people think that Gobi is just plain desert. But sand desert occupies only 30% of Gobi territory. Rest of them is steppe with different plants. If you bring children with you, you should warn your kids to beware of stinging nettle, which has long lasting sting on your hand or bare body that touched to. Before you touch the plants, you should ask it from your guide to make sure that is not stinging nettle.

3. Off road
There are very few paved roads to Gobi Desert and long off-road and bumpy sometimes muddy drives are fun and exciting – as long as you aren‘t seasick. The region’s main natural sights are around 80-290km from one another. If you have car sick, take plenty of drinking water and pills for motion sickness.

4. What to wear and take with you
When you travel in Gobi Desert, you will experience how the change of the temperature between days and nights great too. While in the morning, afternoon and evening is hot, at night you are often advised to put on warm clothing. Good walking boots, sandals and long-sleeved t-shirt, binoculars

5. Do not forget to bring some protection
Gobi have dry climate and strong direct sunlight, you are advised to take sun hat, sunglasses, insect repellent, sunblock, lipstick on your trip, your personal medical kit, wet wipes, toilet paper, camera and all possible personal things such as necessary medicine, cosmetics etc. Very often you cannot find them on the way.

6. Visiting nomad family
You may visit in nomadic families and explore their daily lifestyle. If you would like to bring some gifts to them, suggested items include Swiss pocket knives, flash light for man, some candies, small toys, crayons/color pencils for house wife and kids are just as fine. Whatever gift you choose to present, the recipient will be most grateful.
Also, nomadic family always offers you a cup of tea or camel milk. You should take it with two hands and at least sip the tea even you don’t want it. It would be polite of you.

7. Limited access to internet
When you travel to distant Gobi destination, don’t expect to have internet and power outlet at night in some ger camps. But you can charge electronic devices at Ger camp restaurant. Also, if you are required to be online during the tour, you can buy prepaid sim card with free data from Ulaanbaatar city before your tour.

8. Toilet
When you are travelling to Gobi Desert, you will have chance to use flushing toilet only in Ger camps or villages on the way. If you need to hurry to go to toilet, you will only have nature toilet.

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