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Arkhangai province

Arkhangai Province

The Tsetserleg is a center of Arkhangai province, 521 kilometers from Ulaanbaatar.  This province consists of 19 administrative villages, 99 subdistricts, and counts a population of 93,159.  It is located 2414 meters above sea level, the highest point of Arkhangai province is Kharlagtai peak at 3539 meters while the lowest point is at the delta of Orkhon and Tamir rivers, 1290 meters above sea levels.

Tourists visit this province all year round to experience the wonderful nature of many wonderful places such as Khorgo, Terkhiin Tsagaan lake, Suman river, Choidog rapids, Chuluut river, Tsenkher hot springs, Senjit cliff, Suvarga Khairkhan mountain, Taikhar rock, Bichigt Khangai, Mankhan, Erdenebulgan, Ugii lake and so on. Lands of Arkhangai province are full of ancient tombs, Kheregsuur (funerary monument), ruins of ancient cities, statues, and petroglyphs.

The province developed its agriculture, predominantly animal husbandry listing second in Mongolia by its animal number. According to 2011 data, the province was home to 2679200 domestic animals: goats, sheep, cattle (incl. yaks and khainags), horses, and camels. Camels are almost exclusively herded in the southeastern villages.


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