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Best 5 nightclubs in Ulaanbaatar

Best 5 nightclubs in Ulaanbaatar

Best 5 nightclubs in Ulaanbaatar


Somewhere in the heart of the city, but distant from the main roads, there stands a box-shaped building. Inside it’s filled with rhythm. If you take the stairs down from a lounge on the ground floor, you can hear people singing karaoke, and from upstairs you hear the thump of beats from the club.


The club features 3 intersections: VVIP, Club and Lounge. Club, a large spacious place that will have you dancing with the astonishing crowd. It is all about a real clubbing experience where you will see the best acts and dance to the coolest and latest tunes, but the evening remains accessible enough for everyone to enjoy.


Even though it has a modest location neighboring old apartments, there are a couple of reasons to head there- two dance halls to choose from and the music. There’s a smaller hall for R&B and hip-hop beats and a bigger one for electro and house sounds embracing everyone’s preferences.

#4. CHOCO Metropolis CLUB

This is one of the Metropolis city’s top clubs including three different digital environments equipped with eye-catching, powerful devices.


The night club has the latest, powerful Void Acoustic sound system, amazing Madrix Light, Madrix Maxx light system and an impressive MagicFx CO2 shot machine. Since its grand opening in November 2016 ZU set a new standard in UB’s night life and has become the heart of UB’s club culture.

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