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Color Symbol in Mongolia

color symbol

What are the color meanings in Mongolia?

From ancient time, Mongolians have used the five basic colors of red, blue, yellow, green and white for clothing and home decoration. In Mongolian architecture, black, bright pink and pale pink were used as auxiliary colors.

Brown: represents the earth and the five elements and symbolizes stability and responsibility of the state.

Green: symbolizes the earth and gives peace of mind and confidence.

Red: Fire is a symbol of victory and warm love. Today, the world’s largest food companies have chosen this color as their image as it stimulates the appetite.

Black: is the color of ethics, discipline, wealth, unity, power and strength, also symbolizes will and energy.

Navy Blue: expresses endless ideas and carries fame. People who are kind and easy to get angry like this color. The deep blue color symbolizes eternal existence like the eternal sky.

White: the healer of any poison – a symbol of the supreme being and it symbolizes a pure heart. Mongolians respect milk as its white color. Also white is considered to be a fair, stable, confident color in modern days, so it was chosen for the clothes of medical staff.

Sky Blue: In addition to symbolizing the color of the sky, it also symbolizes loyalty. Also, it has become a uniform for police officers and hospital attendant as blue is believed to lower blood pressure in modern times.

Yellow: the color of intelligence. Today, taxis are yellow in almost every country in the world because yellow symbolizes happiness and joy. The golden yellow color shows the light of the mind, hope8 richness, majesty and courage.

Orange: a symbol of peace, joy and contentment.

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