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English Media in Mongolia

english media in Mongolia


MNB World, broadcast in English language, launched in 2017. It was the first channel in the country to deliver news and media programs in English. MNB World’s all contents that show development of all fields such as trade, economy and tourism, are broadcast all day in English. The channel reports not only news and current events, but also history, culture, tradition.

Representative of MNB stated that the channel is latest entry to the world for Mongolia and promote Mongolia to the world and all programs and news will be depending on truthfully and reliable information source.

Some contents of ‘MNB World’:

Press Agency – Montsame

Today, the fastest source that you can get information is internet. Also internet access is widely available in all major cities and countries. Major media have their official website in their native or non-native languages. In mongolia, there are UBpost, Montsame and etc. One of the most famous website is Montsame that reports Mongolian news, sport, society, economy and arts, as well as photos & videos of Mongolia in 5 languages (+Mongolian old script) – Mongolian, Japanese, English, Russian and Chinese. Furthermore, the agency publishes booklet and newspapers in different languages. Their English newspaper, ‘The Mongol Messenger’, is the first English language newspaper printed in 1991.

Montsame online in English: in English:

Newspaper – UB Post

The two big English newspaper are the Mongol Messenger – English weekly newspaper operated by the national news agency Montsame, and UBPost newspaper – part of Mongol News Group. UB POST, leading English-language news outlet, reports social, economic and political developments in Mongolia.

Online and in print, The UB Post also focuses on an interesting local sport and entertainment news. You can also be able to hunt down the latest newspaper text view from ‘PressReader’ – , also from larger bookstores, tourist information centers and big hotels in Ulaanbaatar city. Some larger hotels can provide you with these newspapers for free. Here is UB POST website:

Other local English newspaper like the Mongol Messenger operated by Montsame, as well as the famous local English magazine, all are informative. Here is some published articles of the newspaper:

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