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Facts about capital Ulaanbaatar city

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

15 facts about capital Ulaanbaatar city

  1. This city migrated to several locations along the banks of Tuul river and finally settled on the current spot.
  2. Probably due to the nomadic culture of the Mongols, the capital city have been moved 29 times between 1639-1778.
  3. Throughout the years, the locals had been calling this city as Nomiin Khuree, Da Khuree and Niislel Khuree.
  4. In 1639, Zanabazar, son of Tusheet Khan Gombodorj, was chosen as the spiritual leader of Khalkha and given the title of Saint. He built his palace on the banks of Tuul river, which later became Ulaanbaatar city.
  5. In 1924, the first pawnshop was established in the current capital city.
  6. Travelers and Visitors from abroad usually call the city as UB city.
  7. Ulaanbaatar is the coldest capital in the world. It locates at an average of 1351 m above sea level and the average annual temperature is 1.3 C.
  8. Today, more than half of the Mongolians resides in Ulaanbaatar city. In statistics for 2017, 46 percent of Mongolians lives here.
  9. The democratic society and market economy began in 1990.
  10. Population have doubled in the last over 10 years due to urban development. Indeed, many locals have flocked to Ulaanbaatar in recent years.
  11. As now Ulaanbaatar is the political, economic, and social center of Mongolia.
  12. Ulaanbaatar consists of a total of 9 districts, each of which is divided into khoroos.
  13. It covers a total area of 470,400 hectares and consists of a ger district and the city center.
  14. Ulaanbaatar has a right-hand traffic rule. But cars with right and left steering wheels are allowed.
  15. One in three people in Ulaanbaatar owns a car. About 450,000 vehicles are involved in city traffic every day.
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