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Famous Mongolian Queens

Famous Mongolian Queens

Famous Mongolian Queens

There are 34 great queens in the history of the Mongolia. We rarely talk about mothers, queens of Mongolia. Because they were always behind of too powerful Khaans and heroes supporting them. Here are written five of the queens who have made a significant contribution to the history of the Mongolian state during the historical period in which they lived.

Oulen queen

Oulun is Olkhonuud person, in Hongirad tribe. She is the birth mother of Temuujin (Genghis Khan), the queen of Yesuhei hero. She gave birth four sons, Temujin, Khasar, Khachigun and Temuge, and 1 daughter named Temulen. Once Yesukhei hero poisoned to death by Tatar tribe, his own tribes left Oulen with her orphan children. Oulun raised her sons alone in extremely difficult lives and making them far-sighted, intelligent heroes. Thanks to the efforts of Oulun mother, in 1189 Temujin was proclaimed the King of Mongolia

Toregen queen

Toregene was the queen of Khudug, the eldest son of Togtoa Bekh, the leader of the Naiman tribe, and in 1204 he was captured in the war and Genghis Khan gave his son Ogedei as his 6th queen.  Queen Toregene gave birth to five sons, Guyug, Godan, Khulgen, Khuchu and Hadaan. Toregene queen ruled the Great Mongol Empire between 1241-1246 after the death of Ogedei Khan. She was a queen and an indomitable hero, but she went down in history as a one who took part in the state conspiracy and provoked the internal crisis of the Great Mongolia.

Ogul Khaimish queen

Ogul Haimish
Ogul Haimish is the daughter of Khutuga Bekh of Oirat province. Ogul Haimish had two sons, Nagu and Hodja. She was one of the few queens who took the rule of Mongol Empire. After the death of Guyug Khaan, his widowed queen, Ogul Haimish, traditionally took over the affairs of state in 1249-1251 with the consent of Batu and many other princes. Sorkhugtani Bekh and Qinghai officials played an important role in the rule of Ogul Haimish.

Sorhugtan Bekhi queen

Sorkhagtani Bekhi, the queen of Tolui, was the daughter of Jaha Khambu, the younger brother of Tooril Khan of Hereid. She gave birth four sons, Munkh, Khubilai, Hulegu and Arigbukh. Among Genghis Khan’s sons, the Tolui’s descendants had the greatest influence on Mongolian history. His son Möngke became the fourth king of the Great Mongol Empire, his son Kublai conquered all of China and established the Yuan Dynasty, his son Hulegu conquered southwest Asia and established the Hulegu Kingdom, or El Khanate, and his son Arigbukh became the fifth Mongol emperor. She is said to have been Genghis Khan’s favorite daughter-in-law and died in 1252.

Mandukhai setsen queen

She was called “Wise Queen Mandukhai” because she was beautiful and intelligent. Mandukhai was born in 1448 as the daughter of Tsorosbai Tumur in Tumed province. Manduul Khan, who ruled Mongolia at the time, had no descendants, so he married 17-year-old Mandukhai in 1465 when he was 40 years old. When Manduul Khan died in 1467, Queen Mandukhai ruled the country for three years until a new king was appointed. She found Batmunkh at the age of 7, the last descendant of the Genghis khan, orphaned by his parents, and enthroned him in 1470, reunited Mongolia.
By virtue of Queen Mandukhai, Batmunkh Dayan Khan ruled all of Mongolia for 40 years and brought peace to Mongolian people. She wisely rebuilt the Mongolian state during the difficult period of the disintegration of the Great Mongol Empire.


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