Mongolian History

Genghis Khan or Chinggis Khaan

Chinggis Khaan or Genghis Khan

Chinggis Khaan - Great King of the Mongol Empire

Washington Post chose emperor Genghis as the Man of the second Millennium. Originally Temujin was born in 1162. His early life was full of struggle for survival which makes him a great warrior and a good leader. His first effort was uniting the Mongol tribes and get the revenge of ancestors.

Firstly, his friend Jamukha and the God-father Toril were helping him for his purpose but that wouldn’t last long. Temujin was getting stronger by time and ordering most of the Mongolian tribes because of his leading and military tactics. He has united all the tribes in Mongolian land and created an empire of the Mongolia in 1206 and he became a Genghis Khan (Genghis – Great as an ocean). From there, Mongolian armies were spread out the steppe and kneeled all the enemies.

But he was not the cruel person. He shows a great mercy to a person who give up without a resist, but turn the places into ashes who act against the Mongols. He was open to scientist and sages also respect the educated people. Emperor Genghis’s conquest laid the foundation of the Great Mongol Empire and his children continued his legacy, expanding the empire even further. Researchers agree that Genghis’s ability to attract people, accomplish an unbelievable feat with a small army and his leadership skills have greatly contributed to the groundwork of modern world.

He was a talented general and mentored the most renowned generals in the history of warfare. His empire was the biggest in history, a total of 24 million square kilometers and had the most population during the time of its 200-year existence. In his massive intercontinental empire international relations, international trade, universal currency and road systems greatly developed which in turn contributed to the development of the world.

The Mongol Empire rebelled greatly and dissolved everything in 168 years. But the world was gigantic. The center could not resist, but the world never forgot Genghis Khan, a herder from Mongolia turned into an ideal military leader.

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