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Green Tara

Green Tārā is a meditation deity worshiped by practitioners of the Tibetan branch of Vajrayana Buddhism to develop certain inner qualities and understand outer, inner and secret teachings such as karuṇā (compassion), mettā (loving-kindness), and shunyata (emptiness).  Just as a mother loves her children so much, so Green Tara loves all six living beings in this way, so it is believed that if anyone prays to Green Tara, she will be the first to come to her/him rescue. Prayer and mantra of Green Tara equals a summary of all mantras. There are at least ten green forms, seven white, five yellow, two blue, and one red. As Sarvajñamitra says of her form: ‘It is a universal form, varied like crystal, since it changes according to circumstance’. She has both peaceful and wrathful forms. Her figure is shown in virtually all postures from standing to sitting, full lotus, half-lotus, one leg down, and both legs down. There is apparently also a reclining Tārā. She has two-armed forms, four arms, eight arms, twelve arms, and Getty even mentions a Tibetan painting showing a standing Tārā with ‘one thousand heads and arms’. Ghosh lists seventy-six distinct forms of Tārā, and tradition tells us there are one hundred and eight names for her

Legend: The origin stories of Green Tara vary, however, the following is the Mongolian version. “Green Tara always used to torment children. To stop this, Buddha gave her a child. Three years later, Buddha kidnapped that child and hid him in Shambala. Green Tara searched for days and couldn’t find her beloved child. She became the god of maternal love”. Praying to Green Tara will bless you with success, protect from evil, heal illness, and bless your children.


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