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How to prepare and what to pack for trip in Mongolia?

how to prepare for Mongolia trip

How to prepare & what to pack

For everyone planning to travel to Mongolia, the following is a list of things you need for your backpack. There are many other items for travel which are not in this list, but depending on the condition of the trip in Mongolia, the following 16 items are listed.

  1. Passport: Very first thing to pack is your passport. Next is to check the expiration date of your passport. It should be valid for at least 6 months. You need to keep your passport in one of the small, easy-to-carry pockets of your bag. It will be easy to find at the state border without mixing with other items.
Mongolia cash

2. Cash: In the countryside, we sometimes face not to find any ATM, especially far away from the city. So as soon as you arrive at the airport in Mongolia, you need to exchange money for your usage, even if it is not a large amount.

phone charger

3. Phone charger / portable phone charger: We always carry our phones with us wherever we go. Most trips in Mongolia take many hours and days in the countryside, we will not be able to charge our phones regularly.


4. EU adapters: We recommend you bring a converter to Mongolia. As throughout Mongolia, the AC power standard is 220V/50Hz. So you may use the converter for 110-volt electrical appliance. Usually the four and five star hotels provide adapters, but we still suggest you bring a converter.

flip flop

5. Flip flops for the shower: In the countryside, we stay in Tourist Ger camps in most of the time. There are western standard flush toilets and showers located in separate blocks for all tourists in the camp. Since it is public, you need flip flops to take a shower.


6. Deodorant: Sometimes, it is life saver when we are not available to take a shower.


7. Water bottle: Having water bottle is to save money and it is environmentally friendly.


8. Sun cream/ Sunglasses: The most important thing for a summer trip is suncream. It’s one of the must-have items to avoid returning home with a sore, wrinkled skin after a trip. Even when it’s not sunny outside, our skin is still damaged by the wind as we open the car windows along the way. Sunglasses also protect your eye from bright sunlight, wind and road dust particles.


9. Umbrella/ Waterproof: Weather patterns at any time can change rapidly in Mongolia. One minute you’re walking around in a T-shirt and sandals, next you need raincoat and boots, then back to T-shirts. So put a raincoat or umbrella in the easiest part that you can take of your backpack.

aid kit

10. First aid kit/ Medicines/ painkiller/ allergy tablets: We suggest you also bring along a first aid kit with the common used medicines. Especially, people need it during trekking.


11. Emergency whistle: When you face some difficult situation during the trip, you will know it’s easy to carry and a good idea to carry around with you at all times. For example, you can use it to signal to others when you’re stuck in the bathroom/toilet, can’t find your guide in a public place, and get lost while trekking etc.


12. Snacks: It’s part of a journey you can collect even when you come to Mongolia. Yet you can pack your favorite dessert that is only sold in your country.


13. Gift: Our tours designed to enhance your learning, discovery, and people to people experience. For instance, all of our tours include a home visit in nomadic families and explore their daily lifestyle. If you would like to bring some gifts to them, suggested items include Swiss pocket knives, flash light for man, some candies, small toys, crayons/color pencils for house wife and kids are just as fine. Whatever gift you choose to present, the recipient will be most grateful.

travel clothes

14. Clothes: Mongolia is a vast country with various climates and four distinct seasons. Thus traveler may need to pack different clothes at different seasons. But this is especially the case during autumn and spring. suggest you check the climate of your travel season, month and then choose the appropriate clothes. In most cases you will not need to bring towels as you will be provided in the hotels and tourist Ger camps. In general, you should take the easily dry clothes and prepare the umbrella for a rainy day. The things you need to pack enough, for example, are socks, underwear in case to be wet. Walking shoes (boots/ sport wear) are very important during rainy days in summer, also winter because of snowy area. In winter. we suggest you to wear winter jacket, sweaters, mittens, winter boots, sweatshirt, bedsocks and snowpants for dog sledding if possible.

15. Camera: The most important thing is camera for major travelers. But in recent years, most of smartphones have as good quality of camera as professional camera. Here is a list of Best travel camera 2020: 10 vacation-friendly models for your holiday:

travel journal

16. TIP: Any paperwork you may need: In recent years, travelers are getting more creative. Some people make Travel Journal during the trip as well as only take pictures.

FYI: It is available to view the extended weather forecast for 10 days, CLICK HERE

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