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New music trend: HU band

The Hu band

Hunnu Music

In 2016, HU released their first song, which is known around the world for its unique use of Mongolian musical instruments and national vocals.

Revolver, a reputable metal rock magazine with a monthly circulation of 100,000 copies in the United States, has announced that Hu’s music video. Thus, They has named “Genghis Khan” as one of the top ten songs of 2019.

Also here is a Ryan Reed’s review about HU band and their music in this magazine. “The camera whirs around massive mountains and deep-green forests as four Mongolian men churn out crushing riffs on gleaming, non-rock instruments. It includes the morin khuur, a horsehead fiddle; and the tovshuur, a two-stringed lute. The frontman lets out a cavernous bellow that borders on a death-metal growl. But if you listen closer, you will notice the guttural tones are balanced out by whistle-like harmonics, an element of traditional throat singing”, Ryan Reed mentions.

Also he adds “The cross-cultural clip — and follow-up video “Wolf Totem,” which itself has generated over 13 million hits and reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Hard Rock Digital chart — touched a nerve on such a massive international scale.”

From their interview

Singer and morin khuur player TS. “Gala” Galbadrakh reveals that there are a lot with their visuals and says, “Our clothing is not exactly old Mongolian — it’s still there, but we’re making it as rock-looking. And in order to do the ‘Yuve Yuve Yu’ MV, we traveled (6,000 miles) off-road for so many days because we wanted to show the world how beautiful Mongolia is, how beautiful the nature is. Because of our hard work, people see that”. In addition, he says “The name of the band ‘HU’ is Mongolian word meant ‘human being’. And we play ‘hunnu rock’ – it’s combination of many rock styles with Mongolian music”.

They released their first album “Gereg” in September, 2019 via Eleven Seven Music. It is home to many world popular band and the quartet praise the project of popular rock and metal acts like Tool, Slipknot, Lamb of God, System of a a Down and Korn.


Mongolia Hu Band

The band members have collaborated with each other for over years before their debut. Members are Gala, B. “Enkush” (morin khuur, throat singing), G. “Jaya” (jaw harp, throat singing, flute, the Mongolian flute tsuur) and N. “Temka” (tovshuur). Some members were playing in another bands around 10 years. They have started this project since 2016 with their producer Dashdondog aka ‘Dashka’ who got this idea first.

They have their own website, check this out!

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