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Internet, phone and sockets in Mongolia

Internet in Mongolia

Preparation for your trip

In preparation for the trip, tourists carry small electrical devices, such as cell phones and cameras. Because of the lack of research on the electricity consumption of the country they travel and which plugs they need to bring, tourists often incur unnecessary expenses or do not use the equipment they bring. In this article, we provide advice on Mongolian internet usage and what plugs to bring when traveling to Mongolia. phone usage in Mongolia

Who are the mobile and internet service providers in Mongolia and how much do they charge?

The mobile service and internet service providers are Mobicom, Unitel, Skytel and G-Mobile.  Depending on different providers, one can get variant fee schedules. You can buy a Mongolian SIM card for the mobile internet service, then you surf the internet from your cell phone. There are post-paid data SIM service and pre-paid data SIM service. Generally, pre-paid data payment is higher than post-paid payment. Contact the providers for details. Mobile service hotlines are: phone usage in Mongolia

  • Mobicom: 2222, 1800-2222
  • Unitel: 7777-8888
  • Skytel: 1515, 1800-1515
  • G-Mobile: 3636, 9810-3636

Can I access internet while in hotels?

Most hotels now provide free broadband or WiFi service. Some may have a fee paying Business Center for computer and internet service. Kindly check before you go.

How about the free WiFi access in public places?

Progressively more public places have free Wifi, especially in big shopping centers and restaurants accustomed to tourists in the city and centers of provinces. But in rural areas, there is no internet, even in nomadic family there is no guarantee that mobile service is available.

Plugs and sockets in Mongolia

There are many small-carry devices like phone, hair iron, camera, hair dryer and electric razors are made with international standard using 220 volts with 2 flat pin plugs or 2 round pin plugs. Before leave for Mongolia, make sure your electric devices us 220 volts and your plugs have 2 flat or round prongs and prong adapter. During the trip, you can only charge your device in tourist camps, so it is also better to bring your power bank

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