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Khorkhog barbecue

Khorkhog Barbecue Mongolian Food

Khorkhog Mongolian BBQ

Another unique Mongolian dish in Mongolian cuisine is Khorkhog. This barbecue dish is made with either lamb or goat meat. Researchers believe that the origin of this cuisine could date back to the stone age. Khorkhog is made by putting the meat with hot stones in an enclosed container and cooking it on fire. Khorkhog is usually made during festivals or during family events with many guests.
Depending on the number of people, one whole sheep is used. For the stones, fist sized hard stone with no roughness (abraded by water) from the riverbank is most suitable, because it can withstand the heat without cracking.
The stones are heated by placing them on fire with dung or wood (dung is used for fuel by nomads) in between. Meat is cut into appropriate size and put in a container, then the red hot stones are placed in between, one layer of meat and one layer of hot stones. Add a little bit of water, seasoning, salt, vegetables such as onion, garlic and potato then tightly close the container. To ensure that meat is done evenly, carefully shake the container. After cooking the container on fire open the lid very carefully. Enjoy the meat and hold the hot stones, it is a form of oriental medicine. The hot stone will refresh your nervous system and relieve fatigue.
Khorkhog Barbecue BBQ
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