Top Activities & Things to Do in Mongolia

Are you planning a trip to Mongolia? Are you being puzzled by having no idea what to do for your Mongolia tour?
Mongolia amazes everyone with its breathtaking landscape, rich traditions, culture, and people.

This page covers the most famous activities and things to do in Mongolia to help travelers plan their Mongolian tour.

Camel riding at Khongor sand dunes

#1. Bactrian Camel Ride in the Gobi Desert

One of the popular activities is certainly riding a camel in Mongolia. Bactrian camels are native in Mongolia and northern China.
Where/when: There is availability to riding a camel in the Gobi Desert and Central part of Mongolia, also you can do camelback experience at Terelj National Park which is the nearest destination from Ulaanbaatar.

#2. Go Horseback Riding

One of the most beautiful ways to experience the country and the area is by going on a horseback riding. Mongolia is one of the top destinations for horse riding.
Where/when: You can ride a horse almost anywhere while traveling in Mongolia. You will come across nomad families who may allow you to ride a horse or almost all tourist camps offer horse riding activity.

Mongolian Folk Art Culture

#3. Listen to Traditional Music and Dance

The National and folk art of a nation is the greatest representation of their unique culture and tradition. There some unique arts, including Mongolian Long Song, Biyelgee Dance, and Khuumii or Throat singing to the experience of Mongolian culture.
Where/when: There are several Ensembles with evening shows in Ulaanbaatar to see traditional music and dance performance.

Hiking & Trekking in Mongolia

#4. Go on a Hike or a Trek

Mongolia is a paradise for outdoor and adventure lovers! The best and most beautiful treks you can do in Western Mongolia. Even if you don’t love hiking that much, it’s worth to go at least on a day hike.
Where/when: Depending on the season, you can choose the destination between vast steppe valleys with incredible lakes and rivers or extreme trekking in the snowcapped mountains.

Bicycling in Mongolia

#5. Biking & Cycling in Mongolia

If you love to ride your bike through epic landscapes, Mongolia’s rich diversity of routes will satisfy.
Where/when: You could drive through the nearest National Parks, famous, beautiful Gobi Desert, and beautiful northern and western Mongolia. Some tourist ger camps have bicycles that are available to rent.

Golden Eagle Festival Tour in Mongolia

#6. Meet the Golden Eagle Hunters

It is a unique chance to visit nomadic Kazakh Eagle Hunters in their remote family yurts, experiencing their lifestyle, culture, and tradition. The nomads who roamed the Central Asian steppes began to tame these birds thousands of years ago and this tradition was passed on from generation to generation.
“A fast horse and a soaring eagle are the wings of a nomad.” – Kazakh proverb
Where/when: They live in the rugged highlands of Western Mongolia. It is located almost 1700km from Ulaanbaatar and domestic flight takes around 2 hours to reach in this region.

Mongolia Golf Courses

#7. Playing Golf in Mongolia

If you are a golf lover and up for a real treat. Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, boasting three international standard 18-hole golf courses can be any golf lover’s paradise. Let’s have a look at these golf courses in Mongolia.
Where/when: Mt. Bogd Golf Club (16km from the city center), Riverside Golf Club (25km from the city center), and Chinggis Khaan Golf Country Club (60km from the city)

Autogyro flights in Mongolia

#8. Enjoy flying with Gyrocopter

Take to the skies in a Gyrocopter with an experienced pilot and fulfill your aviation dreams. Exhilarating and thrilling, this unique aircraft will make the flight even more special.
Ride over the scenic icon of Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex, beautiful Tuul River valley, and Terelj National Park. Also, it is possible to see the Burkhan Khaldun Mountain with a longer flight. This sacred Mountain is considered to be the tomb of Chinggis Khaan.
Where/when: The Fly Center is located 3.2 km away from the Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex and around 60km drive from Ulaanbaatar. Costs ranged between $35 to$350.

Mongolian calligraphy Art

#9. Attend master class of Mongolian Calligraphy Art

Take a class for Mongolian calligraphy. Practice the ancient art of Mongolian calligraphy which is the technique of handwriting in the classical Mongolian script which comprises twenty-eight letters connected vertically by continuous strokes to create words.

Dog sledding in Mongolia

#10. Dog sledding in the winter of Mongolia

Explore the Mongolian winter wilderness by dogsled with a team of Siberian Huskies in Terelj National park. Learn to drive your own team and sledding in magical silence for a 1 hour, 3 hours, 1/2-day, full-day dog sledding in Mongolia.
Imagine a winter wonderland – snow sparkling, your dog team trotting softly ahead of you, whilst all you hear are the sled runners whispering underneath you and the husky breath in the crisp, clean air.
Where/when: It is located in Terelj National Park with an 80km drive from Ulaanbaatar. The best months are December, January, and February for this adventure activity.