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Mongolia Luxury Travel > For travelers seeking a fully customized luxury tours, we craft your travel plan from scratch by listening to your interests and needs. Our Custom Travel Service includes consultation, creation of personalized itinerary, and arrangements of luxury accommodations, transportation, special experiences and private guided tours.

Whether you are looking for a family trip, a romantic honeymoon, cultural immersion, retreat, sightseeing, food tour or any other luxury journey in Mongolia, let us help you create a trip full of unforgettable memories and discover beauty of Mongolia.

Recommended Luxury Tour

When: 10 June - 15 September
Price: $5,890
Days: 11 days
Where: Ulaanbaatar - Gobi Desert (Yol valley, Bayanzag-Flaming Cliffs, Moltsog sand dunes) - National Parks around Ulaanbaatar


When: 10 June - 15 September
Price: from US$ 1260
Days: 3 days
Where: Ulaanbaatar - Flight to the Northern Mongolia -Khuvsgul Lake National Park - Fly back to UB

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