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What is Main Industry in Mongolia?

Main Industry in Mongolia & Economy

What is Main Industry in Mongolia?

Traditionally has been dependent on herding and agriculture, Mongolian economic activity and export and import dramatically changed due to extensive mineral deposits that account for a large part of its production and exports.

The industrial sector alone accounts for MNT 18.7 trillion or 32.7 percent of Mongolia’s GDP as of 2018. Mining and quarrying comprises 69.7 percent of total industrial sales, making it the leading sector of the Mongolian economy.

Our country’s industrial sector produces more than 500 types of products
From this:

  • Copper concentrate, oil, gold, coal, iron ore, molybdenum concentrate, zinc concentrate, metal castings, electricity, heat, distributed clean water
  • Beer, vodka, sweet water, beverages, juices, liquid milk
  • Cashmere and natural fiber manufacturing tobacco, knitwear,
  • Flour, bread and pastries,meat

The National Statistics Office estimates that production of more than 20 key products accounts for more than 90 percent of total production, and that production is expected to increase.

The sector also employs 5% of the total work force.

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