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Top 5 Masterpieces of Mongolians

One Day in Mongolia

Masterpieces of Mongolians #1

  1. One Day in Mongolia“, Painting by Sharav (1911-1912)

B.Sharav, the founder of modern Mongolian fine art, depicted “One Day in Mongolia” painting between 1911 -1913. This work literally brims over with the joyful richness and funny details of the daily life of the Mongolians from the Khangai (mountainous) landscape to the Gobi Desert.

Steppe Family

2. “Steppe Family”, Painting by N. Tsultem (1955)

“Talyn Ail” is well-known in Mongolian painting for its mastery of the theory of distance in European art. N. Tsultem won a state award for his canvas painting “Steppe Family

G. Odon

3. “After work“, Painting by Odon (1954)

State award winner, people’s artist G.Odon depicts Buryat people resting after the preparation of hay and fodder. The painting shows the great work of socialist construction and the life of the working people.

Tsevegjav. O

4. “Fight of Stallons“, Painting by O. Tsevegjav, (1958)

Tsevegjav, Double state award of the People’s Republic of Mongolia, first people’s artist, honored artist, leading artist of the XX century depicted this painting over a period of 15 years and finalized in 1958.

Amgalan. D

5. “Good Morning, Mom“, Painting by Amgalan (1962)

State-honored D. Amgalan depicted “Hello, Mom” as part of “Morning of My Homeland” serial painting. It feels like everyone is going back to their childhood, like the happiest moments in the world.

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