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Mongolia Family Tour > Enjoy a private family vacation in Mongolia, to discover, to learn and to experience the real-life of this country will be a treasured memory for your whole family. To help you spend real quality time in Mongolia, we specially designed our Mongolia family tours with ranges of cultural, historical, natural and family active experiences, covering the must-sees as well as child-friendly activities.

Mongolia has abundant cultural differences and is a great destination for a family holiday. Our private Mongolia family tour with kids offers an easy and flexible pace tailored for every family..

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Mongolia Family Tours

When: 1 June - 15 September
Price: from US$2,670
Days: 12 days
Where: Ulaanbaatar- Hugnu Khan Mt. National Park- Bayan Gobi sand dunes- Tsenkher Valley & Hot spring- Tsetserleg town - Taikhar Rock- Lake Ugii- Hustai National Park- Terelj National Park- Genghis Khan’s statue complex – 13th century theme park – UB