Mongolia Gobi Desert Tours

Our Gobi Desert Tours cover the southern part of Mongolia with distinctive landscapes of towering sand dunes, wide open steppes, iced Georges, Rocky Mountains, red cliffs, stunning sunsets, sunrises and much more. Find out more about our Gobi Tours! Gobi tour

When: 1 June - 10 September
Price: from US$ 1160
Days: 4 days
Where: Ulaanbaatar - Flight to the Gobi Desert - Bayanzag (flaming cliffs) - Khongor sand dunes - Yol Valley - Fly back to UB
When: 1 June - 20 September
Price: from US$1,750
Days: 7 days
Where: Ulaanbaatar- Flight to Gobi Desert- Bayanzag- Khongor sand dunes- Yol valley- Fly back to UB– Terelj National Park- Genghis Khan’s Statue Complex– UB
When: 01 June - 20 September
Price: from $2,380
Days: 10 days
Where: Ulaanbaatar - Hustai National Park - Karakorum & Erdenezuu - Ongi - Bayanzag - Khongor sand dunes-Yol Valley - Flight to Ulaanbaatar – Terelj National Park trip - Genghis Khan’s Statue Complex – UB
When: 25 May - 25 September
Price: US$ 3,290
Days: 14 days
Where: Ulaanbaatar - Middle Gobi - Gobi Desert, Southern Mongolia - Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape & Central Mongolia - National Parks around UB - Ulaanbaatar