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Mongolian Mask Costume vs Covid19

Mongolian mask costume

It’s been seven months since the global epidemic. Countries are closing their borders, schools are closed, and some people are losing their jobs. During this difficult time, the staff of the Mongol Costume Center launched a campaign “the Mongol Costumes vs Covid19”, urging people to wear traditional designed masks. In addition to traditional Mongolian patterns and designs, the mask reflects the uniqueness of Mongolia’s small ethnic groups. Mongolian national costume (Deel) has a rich history of many centuries. It helps to know the lifestyle of Mongolians. National costumes vary depending on the environment, whether you are riding a horse, being at home, or dancing at a festival. There are many types of national costumes, depending on the climate, environment and seasons.

During the June 24 parliamentary election 2020, young people dressed in traditional national costumes and wear traditional designed masks. After that, on the occasion of the annual Mongolian National Costume Day on July 9, young people dressed in national costumes with Mongol costume masks under the slogan of the Mongolian nation against Covid19.

Here are some photos from the Mongolian National Costume Day 2020:

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