Mongolia Muslim Tours

Mongolia vacations 100% tailor-made for your needs!

We offer the best Muslim tours throughout Mongolia with quality of service and the best value for money. Having satisfied Muslim customers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other parts of the world.
Our Mongolia Muslim Tours aim to help Muslim customers usually face in obtaining halal meals and carrying out their religious obligations conveniently. The tour packages have also been designed specially to cater to Muslim considerations like prayer times, and mosque visits.

Experience Mongolia – The Halal Way!

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When: 01 June - 20 September
Price: from US$1,550
Days: 7 days
Where: Ulaanbaatar- Bayan Gobi sand dunes & Camel riding- Karakorum & Erdene Zuu Monastery- Lake Ugii - Hustai National Park- Genghis Khan’s Statue Complex- Terelj National Park- Nalaikh- UB