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Mongolia Naadam Festival Program

Mongolia Naadam Festival Tours 2020

Mongolia Naadam Festival Program

Naadam Festival will be held in Ulaanbaatar from July 10th to July 13th of each year and from the 8th to 11th of July in other provinces and villages throughout the country. This festival is the biggest traditional event in Mongolia, during which the three major contests occur: Mongolian wrestling, horse racing, and archery.
Please check below a program for Naadam Festival 2022 in Ulaanbaatar. 

Program – JULY 09:

         Time                                   Events                       Place
 9am-7pmChildren’s archeryOn archery field

 Program – JULY 10:

     Time                              Events            Place
8am-11am“Khyazaalan” (4> year old) horse raceKhui Doloo Khudag
08.00-22.00Knuckle bone throwingKnuckle throwing tent
08.30-14.30First round of target-archeryOn archery field
10.00-11.00Ceremony for National Flag DayOn Sukhbaatar Square
13.00-13.30A ceremony for showing respect to Chinggis Statue and placing of flowers on Sukhbaatar statueOn Sukhbaatar Square
14.00-18.00Deeltei Mongol Festival, an annual festival of traditional Mongolian costumes.On Sukhbaatar Square 
14.00-16.30“Shudlen” (3> year old) horse raceKhui Doloo Khudag
14.30-20.30Middle round of target-archeryOn archery field
15.00, 18.00State Official Concert for Naadam Festival The Cultural Palace of Ulaanbaatar
20.00A ceremony for the Great White BannersOn Sukhbaatar Square

Program – JULY 11:

         Time                                   Events                       Place
8am-11.30amStallion horse race (6> years old)Khui doloon Khudag
08.00-11.00Semi Final of Knuckle throwingKnuckle throwing tent, Central Statdium 
09.30A ceremony of the Mongolian State Banners to place at the Cental Stadium from the Government HouseSukhbaatar square -Central Stadium 
11.00President will address opening speech and respect to Mongolian State BannersCentral Stadium
11.10Opening ceremony of Naadam (Special program)Central Stadium
11.40-12.40Opening ceremony of Knuckle throwingKnuckle throwing tent
12.00-15.00First round of Mongolian national wrestling Central Stadium 
12.30Semi-finale of Knuckle throwingKnuckle throwing tent
13.30-14.00Archery performancesOn archery field
13.30-16.00First round of children wrestlingCentral Stadium
14.00Opening ceremony of Khui Doloon Khudag NaadamKhui doloon Khudag
14.00-17.00“Ikh Nas” (7>years old) horse raceKhui doloon Khudag
14.30-16.30Last round of target-archeryOn archery field
15.20-18.00Second round of National wrestlingCentral Stadium
16.20-18.00Second round of Children wrestlingCentral Stadium
16.30-20.00First round of Khasaa-ArcheryOn archery field

“Ulaanbaatar Night” Cultural performance 

On Sukhbaatar square 
23.00Firework FestivalOn Chinggis Square, Bayankhoshuu, Maakhuur.

Program – JULY 12:

     Date                                Events                  Place
07.00-10.30“Soyolon” (5>years old) horse raceKhui Doloon Khudag
07.00-12.00Final of Knuckle throwingKnuckle throwing tent
08.00-11.00Middle round of Khasaa-archeryOn archery field
09.00-11.00Third round of National wrestlingCentral Stadium 
10.00-11.00Third round of Children wrestlingCentral  Stadium
10.30-12.30“Daaga” (2>years old) horse raceKhui Doloon Khudag
11.20-12.40Fourth round of Children wrestlingCentral  Stadium
11.00-14.00Last round of Khasaa-archeryOn archery field
12.30Prize ceremony for Knuckle throwingKnuckle throwing tent
13.40-14.00Final archery of best 8 archersOn archery field
14.30-15.10Fifth round of National WrestlingCentral stadium 
14.00-15.30President will hand the grades and prizes  to winner archers and Knuckle throwingCentral Stadium
15.20-16.00Sixth round of National wrestlingCentral Stadium
15.20-16.00Fifth round of Children wrestlingCentral Stadium
16.10-16.40Declaration of first 5 horses. President will hand prizes to horse-race children jockeysCentral Stadium
16.40-17.10Sixth round of Children wrestlingCentral Stadium
16.40-17.20Seventh round of National wrestlingCentral Stadium
17.25-17.45President will prize the wrestlers who fulfilled who met requirements of State Nachin and KhartsagaCentral Stadium
17.50-18.40Eighth round of National wrestlingCentral Stadium
18.35-19.05Seventh round of Children wrestlingCentral Stadium
18.45-19.00President will prize the wrestlers who fulfilled who met requirements of State ZaanCentral Stadium
19.05-19.35Ninth round of National wrestlingCentral Stadium
19.40-19.55President will prize the finalist-wrestlersNational Stadium
20.00President will address closing speechCentral Stadium
20.10Closing Ceremony of Naadam festivalCentral Stadium
21.00“Ulaanbaatar Night” cultural performanceSukhbaatar Square

Program – JULY 13:
A mini Naadam festival for horse trainers will be held on July 13th at the Khui Doloon Khudag including the national wrestling, archery, horse racing and cultural performance           

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Mongolia Naadam Festival
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