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Mongolia Travel Tips

Mongolia Travel Tips

List of items you are required to bring to Mongolia when you travel

Trip clothes:
– Long flapped underclothes
– Firm pants
– Long flapped T-shirt, which protect your belly and kidney.
– Sweater
– Long Jacket to wear during windy and rainy days
– Even though you will be coming during the summer months, Mongolia is 2500m above sea level. The weather becomes cold after sunset and colder still at night.
Note: We recommend long flapped clothes because when you travel to the countryside you will often need to sit down on the grass, or small chairs (in Gers). With short Jackets you’ll feel cold in the belly and may easily catch cold.

Head protection:
In the summertime in Mongolia, we mostly have very sunny days and thus a great possibility of getting sunstroke. That’s why you’ll be needing stuff to protect you from sunstrokes such as a hat or suitable headgear (we recommend cowboy hat).

Sun protection equipment:
You will need to bring the following items to Mongolia in order to protect yourself against sunburn:
Sunbeam protection cream (sun light protection level must be above 20)
Nasal sun cream
UV filtered lipstick
UV filtered sunglasses

Rain clothes:
On rainy days a feather-weight raincoat or plastic rain-jacket with hat is enough.

The most comfortable footwear for a countryside trip is an ankle protected top booted shoe. Shoes should have as few air inlets as possible to prevent water seeping through. On a countryside trip you will go to waterlogged places. We recommend that you bring 2 pairs of shoes in case one should require drying.
Also other boots/shoes, which you will be wearing during sunny days and during warm periods.

The gear you need to take on a countryside trip:
-Moisture protected warm ISOMATTE bedding gear, sleeping bag
-Flashlight /with enough battery reserve/
-Insect protection lotion, cream and spray
-Multifunctional trip chopper knife
-Spoon, fork and cup
-Pure water sac and vessel – durable and of a good size
-Water bottle.
-Candles and a lighter
-multi-pocket jacket
-Handkerchiefs, towels and soap
-Mini pharmacy / first-aid kit

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