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How about Mongolia Travel Safety?

How about Mongolia Travel Safety?

How about Mongolia Travel Safety ?

Mongolia is one of the safest countries in the world. The policemen are quite friendly to the tourists. As a visitor, you are unlikely to experience any serious problems. However, like anywhere else there are a few things that visitors should be aware of, things that will need extra care and attention. Foreign visitors are targets for a very small minority of thieves. Theft is seldom violent. Pick pocketing and bag slitting is most common in crowded places such as the black market, on buses or at tourist attractions such as Gandan Monastery and shopping places.
Valuables should be kept in a money belt and kept underneath your clothing. Be careful about being seen with large amounts of money outside.

Beware of pickpocket
Most common is pickpocketing. So be especially beware in touristy-areas or crowded places like on public transport, markets, and train stations. Pickpockets often work in groups to crowd or distract you. Similarly, one person might distract you somehow (e.g. bumping into you, getting into an argument, or “dropping” their change), while another thieves pick your pocket or steals your bag. Don’t stash any valuables behind you in a backpack pocket or put all of your cash in a 1 wallet. Separate your small spending money

Traffic & Road condition
While you hang out in Ulaanbaatar, you may encounter the stereotype of the bad Mongolian driver. Always be careful to cross the road.

Not old dollars
Mongolian official a currency is Tugrik. Foreign currencies are not accepted in Mongolia. So, you need to change your money by Mongolian currency. But older US currency (prior to 2000) not accepted in Mongolia, even by banks. Or you can exchange very low rate.
You don’t need to bring too much cash. Cash will be needed during your countryside trip from out of the city. In the city Ulaanbaatar, you can use your card to withdraw cash from ATMs which are available.. Also Major international credit cards are broadly accepted in Ulaanbaatar nowadays, such as Visa, Master, AMEX and JCB card of Japan such as most restaurants and department stores.

Air pollution in winter period
If you planning to travel to Mongolia beween mid-October to early March, high levels of air pollution can occur in Ulaanbaatar, and if you have pre-medical condition, it may aggravate bronchial or asthma conditions. Since Mongolia has 4 seasons. Before you decide to travel to Mongolia, you should consider which season is it in Mongolia. Best time to travel Mongolia is from May to early October.

Vaccines and Medicines
For now, no special vaccinations are required for travel to Mongolia. Please advise to check the clients with their local health authorities or their doctor for updated information prior to your departure. In general, it is advisable to follow the advice of the World Health Organization or USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to have some vaccinations in advance:
Link here:
Medical services in Mongolia are available everywhere. However, in some remote regions, the health service may not be as standard as big cities’.
We recommend clients to carry some common medicines along while traveling Mongolia, such as the medicines for flu, coughing, sore throat, diarrhea, etc that you use at home. It is advisable to go to see your doctor and follow his or her advice on which medicines you should take.

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