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felt products of Mongolia

Mongolian Felt Craft

Mongolians have been producing and using felt products made from wool and fur of the livestock in their daily lives for thousands of years. Felt is an environmentally friendly product and a great insulation material.

Traditional method of making felt is to roll up batches of wool and dragging it with a horse. These felt rugs or stitched patterns eventually evolved into felt stitching art. Mongolian nomads have been making felt products such as rugs, quilted seat pads, boots, hats, jackets and various kinds of clothes for generations. Most important parts of Mongolian Ger is the felt covers for its roof, walls and toono-upper window.

Mongolians used felt rugs and seats for the most honorable guests. White felt is placed outside the Ger to welcome the most honored guests during significant events such as weddings. Even today, this tradition is practiced among the people.



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