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Do Mongolians have own language?

Mongolian language

Do Mongolians have own language?

Mongolians speak its own language Mongolia as a national language and also it is spoken in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, where there are at least 5.7 million ethnic Mongols. Other languages considered part of the Mongolian language family, but separate from Mongolian, include Buryat and Kalmyk, spoken in Russia and Moghul or Mogul, spoken in Afghanistan. The Mongolian language match general features of the Altaic root or Subject- Object-Verb sequence are used. Thus the endings of nouns and verbs are transformed by distinctions, suffixes, and conditions.

Mongolian language has been written in a variety of alphabets, making it a language with one of the largest number of scripts used historically. Until 1930, Mongolians used to use Mongolian Traditional vertical script. Then Latin script was introduced in the Mongolian state by government decree in 1941. It has been argued that the introduction of the Cyrillic script, with its smaller discrepancy between written and spoken form, contributed to the success of the government literacy campaign, which increased the literacy rate from 17.3% to 73.5% between 1941 and 1950.

Since 1994 there have been attempt to reintroducing the traditional Mongolian script and it is now taught to some extent in schools, though is mainly used for decorative purposes by artists, designers, calligraphers and poets. The average person in Mongolia knows little or nothing about the traditional Mongol script, though there is high literacy in Cyrillic. In Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of China, the traditional Mongolian script is still used.


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