Mongolian Culture

Mongolian Traditional Clothes

Mongolian Traditional Clothes

Mongolian Traditional Clothes

Traditional clothing is the representation and evaluability of the unique culture and traditions of ethnic groups. Clothing varies depending on the status, age and gender in each culture.

Mongolian hat

In Mongolia, a hat is the most important piece of clothing, representing the status of the wearer. Mongolians never throw their hat on the ground or pass it to other people. Mongolian traditional hat has over 200 different styles. Depending on the seasons, gender, status and age, hat differs in between. Hat must be placed on top of belt and other clothing and must never be upside down. One should always wear hats to high level ceremony and festivities. Hat and belt is esteemed greatly among Mongolian people and it is believed that the spirit of a man resides in his hat and belt.

Mongolian deel

Mongolian deel is made for protecting the health from the harsh weather of the steppe and adapted to the body of the nomadic people and for the daily activities. For example, sleeves are made long so it doubles as gloves during cold weather and a padding when carrying something. Belts are long and wide to protect the kidney and back from cold weather and any impact. Deel can be used as a blanket during long journey.

Mongolian belt

Our ancestors believed that the spirit of a human resides in the belt, hat, knife and tinder-flint. A belt can represent the status and wealth of a person and depending on the status, it is either silk, fabric, leather, gold or silver. Nobles of ancient nomadic empires used to wear wonderfully made golden, silver and other precious metals belt decorated with gemstones. In the old times, Mongolians exchanged their belts with their best of friends, representing unyielding friendship. A man should not use women’s belt. Old belt is not discarded into rubbish but it is burned and purified with fire. One should not walk over or step on a belt of another person.

Mongolian boots

Mongolians traditionally used long leather boots with upturned soles. It is usually colourfully decorated. There are over 20 ethnic groups in Mongolia with their own unique culture and tradition. These groups have their own unique clothing and boots are no exception. Mongolian boots are different depending on the number of decorative patterns starting from 8 to 32. Upturned soles are made as such so one does not dig up soil when walking. In a way, Mongolian boots are the most eco friendly boots.

Accessories of Mongolian clothing

Mongolians use precious metals such as silver, copper and gold for decorations, though silver and copper is more preferred due to its health benefits. Traditionally, men carried knife, tinder-flint and steel, snuffing bottle with silk bag, their own cup and chopsticks.These are mainly decorated with silver. Silver cup is one of the most prized possessions a person would have. Women, except Buriat and Myangad tribes, don’t wear accessories. When they ride horses they also wear varois accessories such as silver decorated leather for fixing skirt of deel. Theses accessories example master pieces of jewellery and goldsmiths of Mongolia.

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