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The family heritage

The Mongolians hand down their snuffboxes from generation to generation and value it as family heritage. The rich compete with each other in the style and design of their snuffboxes. So the style and size of the snuffboxes can be enormously variable.

The snuffbox is made with precious stones such as chalcedony, mane, jasper, agate, turquoise, stone crystal topaz or ebony and also with porcelain and precious wood and express the status of their own owner. However, chalcedony snuffboxes are very popular in Mongolia and exist in different sizes and designs. The smiths decorate snuffboxes with carved figures of 12-year-old animals or 4 strongest animals like Garuda, dragon, lion and tiger. The Mongolians carry snuffboxes in colorful silk bags with the name Daalin.


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