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National Value of Mongolians

The world is rapidly changing and human values are changing with it. We must pay close attention to the National Values, what makes a country, what makes the people, people and values of family. The value of family, respect for one’s parents greatly affects the culture. Unified value is important, if a nation cannot determine common value a crack between the people is bound to occur.
National value is one thing that Mongolians must hold onto in this new globalized world. Culture and art is the representation of this common value. These will ensure the independence of Mongolia for centuries to come.
National value is listed in alphabetical order. Family, politics, culture and mind is only a few of these values. A country with a rich history has a grand list of such values. Institute of Culture and Arts have conducted social survey about these values on 1500 people from all different groups. 97 percent of these people considered that Mongolian language is most important and 96.8 percent agreed that Mongolian clothing is an important value. It is good that Mongolians value their language and culture above all else.
The result of another survey determined that Mongolians consider family is the number one value. A happy family will prepare the best future generation. Unfortunately, this value is changing due to the fourth industrial revolution and rapid change of the world. Mongolian culture of respecting elders is one of the main reasons that people agree on family being the number one value of Mongolia.