Mongolian Arts

Mongolian wood carving

Mongolian wood carving

Mongolia has rich heritage of wood crafts. From yearly times, Mongolian nomads used to prefer wooden household accessories because of their light weight and durable quality during constant movement of nomads.  Mongolian artisans have been making wooden furniture-  the Ger, cart, box, cupboard, bucket, utensils, and musical instruments. Below are 2 example of wooden art of nomads as Mongolian Wood Carved Figures:

Iinside of Ger

The Ger (Yurt): The traditional dwelling of the nomad’s Ger and its decoration is an entire gallery of arts and crafts of Mongolia. Ger consists of expanding lattice wall-sections, a door-frame, bent roof poles and a crown, cover, roof, felt cover and belt rope. Nowadays, Mongolian Ger is being made with more and more decorations and carvings. And then Gers with carving decorations are very popular and in high demand. Mongolians cared for the quality of wood and paid particular attention to correct drying and wood processing.

crafted horse head fiddle

Morin Khuur: The making of Mongolian national musical instruments has been regarded as folk handicrafts. The most widespread and honored folk musical instruments have been Morin Khuur or Horse head fiddle. On the top of the Morin Khuur, beautiful horse head is carved out. Beautiful ornamental designs were carved on each side of the square body, the peg-head, and the bow.


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