Mongolian Arts

One of the Masterpieces of Mongolian Art


(Width 136 cm. Length 169 cm)

The artist B. Sharav is a colourful and good-humoured representative of the unique Mongolian Zurag style (flat layout painting). Also he became famous with his two major works ‶One day in Mongolia‶ and ‶Airag fest‶. They are both of which depict numerous scenes from everyday life and the Mongolian population at the beginning of the 20th century. You can find weddings, festivals, funerals, felt making, lumbering, agriculture, horse breeding, animal fire, sexual intercourse, birth work, expression and effect of greed, shyness, love, humor. The master considered no subject as unimportant. Consequently, his works literally brim over with the joyful richness and funny details. In brief, he outlined daily life of the Mongolians from the Khangai (mountainous) landscape to the Gobi Desert. Mongolian painting

In fact, the Mongolian government has done three major things for this work. They decided to renovate it in Russia in 1970-80, and they rated as unique historical and cultural treasure in 1995. Later this art work is valued at 100 million MNT (1USD = ~2777MNT). It is now housed in the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts, and is said to occasionally be blown out.

Also Sharav experimented Mongolian painting style with new techniques, such as adding three-dimensional shadows to images that were not used at the time, making effective use of flat layouts, depicting multiple events, and using color contrasts.

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