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Top 5 Mongolian Beer

Top 5 Mongolian Beer

One of the best thing to do while you are traveling is taste domestic beers. So here is the introduction about popular domestic beers in Mongolia.  In 1937, there was a rumor among Mongolians that our vodka shop would make a product which called “Beer” made from barley wheat, which is completely different from the fermented mare’s milk we use. Today, Mongolians are accustomed to consuming many types of foreign and domestic beers, as well as other peoples of the world, and their knowledge and cultural consumption of the beer is developing.

Currently, we are highlighting the popular domestic beers in Mongolia.

1. Craft

Distinguished by its unique taste, Gem Craft beer differs from ordinary beer in appearance, taste and bitterness of flowers.

2. Golden Gobi

The luxury “Golden Gobi” beer, brewed according to the traditional German technology of Reinheitsgebot, has been produced since 2003. Soft and sweet with a soothing charm, this soft, sweet beer has an alcohol content of 5.1%.

Golden Gobi beer
Borgio beer

3. Borgio

Borgio beer, the pride of Mongolia, was first produced in 1927. Borgio, the first beer to be exported, is being upgraded with advanced German technology, with a 5.5% alcohol content and a wide range of packaging options.

4. Sengur

Sengur, the first product of the German Brewmaster Tiger brewery and a national brand, was first launched in 2007. In 2014, Sengur won the “WORLD BEER AWARDS 2014” award for the best beer in the world, and won the Best Beer & Gold Medal in Asia, proving to the world that it can compete with world brands. The SENGUR brand always strives to give its customers a new and fresh feel.

Sengur beer
niislel beer

5. Niislel (Capital)

The production of “Niislel” beer, which is an expression of proper and cultured consumption, started in 1972. One of Mongolia’s oldest beer brands, Niislel, is being redesigned with German technology and is available in a wide range of packaging with a 5.0% alcohol content.

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