Lake Baikal: Circumbaikal Railway

89-km–long route from Slyudyanka-2 to port Baikal is a great opportunity to enjoy the changing views ofBaikal Lake as the train rides along the shoreline from south to north and back.
You will pass through 39 tunnels making several 20 min stops to take a stroll outside. There are about 200 bridges and 14 km of walls that supports the railway. All these constructions of the section of the Trans – Siberian Railroad were build more than 100 years ago!

The Circum-Baikal railway was used for Trans-Siberian trains starting from 1904 until 1950s, when the new direct railway from Irkutsk to Slyudyanka was built. Nowadays, Circum-Baikal is a quiet picturesque route to enjoy lake Baikal.
Circumbaikal Railway is a kind of museum of engineering constructions and building art. It is the place where the stonework of tunnels’ portals, bearing walls, arches and different picturesque rocks have run into one in a remarkable manner. Railroad includes monuments of architecture, engineering and technical art (tunnels, galleries, bridges, viaducts and bearing walls).

The Circumbaikal railway trip can be done by Electric train, Steam Locomotive train or Diesel-powered Rail Bus.

  • Electric Train goes every day except Tuesday. It has carriages with 1st, 2nd and 3rd class.
  • Steam Locomotive Train goes every day except Monday and Tuesday. Carriages have no classes.
  • Diesel-powered train carriage goes in winter on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Carriages have no classes.