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Peggy and Chimey Zarotsang
Hi Jamaa, We had a wonderful time in Mongolia and it was truly a unique experience for us. Here are our thoughts regarding the tour: 1) Zaya our tour guide and Dawa our driver in UB was excellent! They tried hard to accommodate us in every way. 2) The UB City Hotel in Ulaanbaatar was medium average. Breakfast buffet was poor. Location of hotel not tourist friendly. The only positive was that the hotel allowed us to check in very early morning coming from the airport. 3) Naadam Festival opening ceremony was excellent and seats were good. Would have probably liked to have had a choice to see at least one event at the stadium say like the wresting match. The horse race event was great in the countryside. 4) The restaurant choices in UB were great especially Modern Nomads. All the Gers food was good too. 5) All the Ger accommodation was good especially the one in the national forest outside of UB. I enjoyed that the most as they provided firewood for our Ger! 6) Camel ride in Gobi was fun and drinking mare's milk was a true experience!
Best regards, Peggy and Chimey Zarotsang

  USA, Aug 09, 2012

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"We enjoyed our trip very much.
The best parts of the trip were meeting nomads in the countryside and seeing the natural beauty."

05/04/2011 - 10:30
Barbara. R Family, US
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