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The Golden Circle Discovery with Nadaam tour was the best trip of my adult life.  Mongolia was the only place on my bucket list, and they made it extremely enjoyable, with amazing occurrences daily.
The office manager Tuya is a joy to work with.  She helped us arrange off-tour events to bracket our trip with Amicus.  Her several points of advice were always spot on.
The value of an engaging and hard-working guide is inestimable.  Amicus' choice of Buya shows that they know how facilitating friendly personal interaction between the guide, guests and locals is paramount.  I'm sure there are more knowledgeable guides who could answer more questions. But I'm also sure I would prefer Buya's company, positive outlook, and ability to connect us with the locals over anyone else.  Choosing a person like Buya seems to be an excellent and conscious choice by Amicus.
The vehicles and drivers were great.  We covered 1,300 miles (80%+ on dirt) at an average of 25 MPH.  The lesser vehicles of other tours were slower, and would be unbearable.  The great skills of the drivers kept us safe when, if I were to do this alone, I would have died out there without them.  Do not undertake a substantial tour of Mongolia without excellent local guides and equipment like Amicus requires.
The route was outstanding.  After a substantial drive most mornings, there was a destination worthy of significant exploration.  Indeed, no published material I have found does justice to what you actually see and experience.  The land is bigger, the contrasts are more radical, the ability to interact with the things right in front of you are like nowhere else.  You can milk a yak, butcher a goat, ride a horse, eat camel, play with the kids, touch, photograph, taste, you name it.  This is a very interactive country.
Beyond the particular site, something unexpected and amazing happened each day, so much so that most days, random occurrences were the highlight.  Double rainbows and riotous sunset over Karakorum!  An unexpected local Nadaam horse race in front of the Ger Camp!  Full moon-rise over Lake Huvsgul.  Invited into a herder's ger for a snack and to trade pleasantries.  Buying fresh mountain-picked strawberries from a wizened grandmother.  By the way, the photographic opportunities are phenomenal; bring your best gear and get ready.
The whole operation was well greased.  Amicus and Buya had all of the transactions, issues, questions, and sites well prepared for us.  Essentially, we just walked right up and they were ready for us.  Very professional.
One small warning: This tour is a moderate physical challenge. There will be some light to moderate hiking across broken ground, and if you are unsure of your footing, you may miss key bits.
I can strongly recommend Amicus to future travelers.  In that beautiful, rugged, friendly, amazing country, I am confident that Amicus can arrange an extraordinary experience..
  Tacoma, Washington, Jun 29, 2017

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"We enjoyed our trip very much.
The best parts of the trip were meeting nomads in the countryside and seeing the natural beauty."

05/04/2011 - 10:30
Barbara. R Family, US
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