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The Best SIM Card for Tourists in Mongolia

sim card for tourist

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The mobile service and internet service providers are Mobicom, Unitel, Skytel and G-Mobile.  Depending on different providers, one can get variant fee schedules. You can buy a Mongolian SIM card for the mobile and internet service. There are post-paid SIM service and pre-paid SIM service. Generally, pre-paid payment is higher than post-paid payment. Contact the providers for details. Their contacts of customer services are:

Mobicom: 2222, 1800-2222

Unitel: 7777-8888

Skytel: 1515, 1800-1515

G-Mobile: 3636, 9810-3636

Tour SIM packages

The Unitel Group is a company with 100% Mongolian investment. In November 2016, Unitel Group launched the first 4G LTE network in Mongolia. Founded in 2011, Unitel is one of the leaders in the mobile communications industry and the ICT company with the largest number of operations in the field of information technology and telecommunications in Mongolia.

Package 1

Single SIM card

Package 2

Single SIM card

Package 3

Double SIM card (each SIM will come with)

Price40,000 MNT60,000 MNT100,000 MNT
Data2 GB5 GB5 GB
Balance MNT5,00010,00010,000
Duration of a package14 days30 days30 days
Free to receive incoming calls & texts

How to top up your balance?

You can buy Unitel top-up voucher from any Unitel branches, MIAT skyshop and some of hotels. The voucher will show a PIN underneath a scratch panel.

To top-up your balance: *1411*PIN#, and dial

To top-up another’s balance: *1413*PhoneNumber*PIN#, and dial

To check your balance: Dial *1411# and listen your balance

For more information about Unitel tour SIM:


Local call and text rate of Tour SIM packages

Local ServiceRate
Calls within networkFree of charge
Calls to other network70 MNT
Text20 MNT
Mobile Data0.09 MNT = 1 KB


Economy International Calls rate (You can make call to 239 countries in the world)

Country* CodeRate (MNT)
Hong Kong852188
Republic of Korea82188
USA & Canada1188
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