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The Famous people from Mongolia

The Famous people from Mongolia Today

Mongolia is the least densely populated country in the world. Out of these just 3 million of residents, the country has produced quite a few notable names. Here are just 21st century few famous Mongolian people, and not famous Mongolian figures of all time.

Mongolian Sumo - Dagvadorj

Dagvadorj Dolgorsuren – The first Mongolian highest rank sumo in Japan.
Asashōryū Akinori – He is state honored athlete as well as hero of labor and was the 68th yokozuna in the history of the sport in Japan and became the first Mongolian who reached sumo’s highest rank in 2003. He was the third non-Japanese to become a grand champion. At the age of 22 he was one of the youngest wrestlers to achieve the rank. #Famous Mongolian people

Mongolian first Olympic Golden Medalist

Tuvshinbayar Naidan – Mongolian Olympic Judoka.
Naidangiin Tüvshinbayar – He was the first Mongolian ever to win a gold medal at the Olympics. On 14 August 2008, he was inducted as the state honored athlete of Mongolia as well as hero of labor. In the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, he won a silver medal, becoming the first Olympic multi-medalist from Mongolia -100 kg division. #Famous Mongolian people

King Tug- Mongolian Professional boxer

Tugstsogt Nyambayar – Mongolian Professional Boxer
He (born 23 June 1992) is a Mongolian professional boxer who has held the IBO featherweight title since 2019. As an amateur, he won silver medals at the 2009 World Championships and 2012 London Olympics. As of January 2020, he is ranked as the world’s fifth best active featherweight by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board and sixth by The Ring and Box Rec. # Famous Mongolian people

The Hu band

The Hu band – Mongolian rock band
The HU is a band from Mongolia that blends heavy metal and traditional Mongolian throat singing.  Their first two videos (“Yuve Yuve Yu” and “Wolf Totem”) watched over 30 million views.  The band’s name The HU, is the Mongolian root word for human being.  They call their style “Hunnu Rock” inspired by the Hunnu, an ancient Mongolian empire, known as The Huns in western culture. Some of the band’s lyrics include old Mongolian war cries and poetry. # Famous Mongolian people

Mongolian baritone - Ariunbaatar

Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar (Mongolian baritone)
Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar, Mongolian opera singer, is one of the few people that received the “Chinggis Khaan” medal, which is awarded to a person who has made a special contribution to the nation. He first won the Glinic International Competition in 2011 and was awarded the title of Mongolian Merited Actor at the age of 23. He then won the the Grand Prix at the International Tchaikovsky Competition. He was jointly awarded the Song Prize award at the 2017 BBC Cardiff Singer of the World competition, singing Rossini, Verdi, and Tchaikovsky, and in Mongolian. # Famous Mongolian people today

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