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5 Best Places to Shop in Ulaanbaatar

ULAANBAATAR TRAVEL GUIDE 5 Best Places to Shop in Ulaanbaatar

5 Best Places to Shop in Ulaanbaatar

Shopping is an indispensable part of a tour of Ulaanbaatar.
We have summarized 5 shopping choices for your interests and needs.

Top 5

#1. State Department Store

The State Department store is one of the spots the most tourist visit. There are several cashmere stores, one of the biggest bookstores, stationary and the biggest souvenir shop, restaurants, cosmetics and world brand stores such as Mango, Calliope, Timberland etc.

#2. Galleria Ulaanbaatar

Here you can find famous cashmere brand stores, Little sheep hot pot restaurant, Pizza hut, KFC, Souvenir shops.

#3. Shangri-La Mall

The mall is located at the heart of Ulaanbaatar, a prime location for a wide range of shopping, dining and entertainment. It delivers a relaxed yet world-class shopping experience that will satisfy all your shopping aspirations.

#4. Ulaanbaatar department store

The “Ulaanbaatar Department Store” is one of the largest shopping malls in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, which always aims at providing the best and complex service to every customer and client.

#5. Naran Tuul Market – formerly called a Black Market

One can find almost anything from food and counterfeit designer goods to traditional Ger furniture. Ouality is vary and prices are cheap from other shopping places. Be careful for pickpockets, and don’t take any unnecessary valuables with you.

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