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The top 6 Mongolian souvenirs

Mongolia Souvenirs

Mongolian Souvenirs

Ideas of gifts you give to your family and friends after your trip in Mongolia

A short survey among a dozen souvenir shops in Ulaanbaatar has identified 6 top local souvenirs that are constantly sought after by visitors and travelers. This list does not represent actual sales evaluations.

kazakh traditional pattern

#1. Kazakh Embroidery

Colorful embroidered carpets, tablecloths, handbags, coin purses, passport and mobile phone cases, mainly handmade by ethnic Kazakh craftswomen from Western Mongolia.

Mongolia puzzle game

#2. Mongolian puzzle games

A wooden puzzle resembles in some ways the structure of the Mongolian Ger. Take a jigsaw puzzle apart and try to put it back together into a single piece. Authentic Mongolian intellectual toy is a good gift for school-age children.

#3. A set of four ankle bones

The Mongolian game of ankle bones is played with many objects. However, four bones are the minimum set. A player throws bones on a flat surface to control luck or to win a score.

Mongolia Felt chess

#4. Felt chess game

Fold a rolled up felt cloth and it becomes a chess board. Arrange the tiger, camel, horse, ox cart, etc. Mongolian chess is an original old game.

Mongolia watercolor

#5. Mongolian-style watercolor

A large selection of watercolors depicting the nomadic lifestyle can be bought in any souvenir shop in the city. Similar paintings are also offered by individual street vendors. Mongolian vertical calligraphy is becoming the next trendy form of artistic souvenirs.

Mongolia felt

#6. Felt slippers

Mongolian felt slippers are more than just a souvenir item. They have proven to be practically useful and are available in all shapes, sizes and colors. Well-made slippers are comfortable and soft and keep the owner’s foot warm and dry. However, when making a purchase, you should be aware that the quality of the felt itself is not always equal. Handmade slippers cost more than factory-made ones.

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