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Top Mongolian movies before travel to Mongolia

Top Mongolian movies

Top Mongolian movies

Looking to explore Mongolian Culture, history, and people? Maybe movies are the best choice at the starting point. If you are planning to go to Mongolia and trying to explore it before you visit, we have prepared the Mongolian movies ranked with high IMDb ratings and reviews. You may find Mongolian unique culture, relationship between Mongolians and more.

Enjoy your cinematic trip into this breathtaking world as we list some top movies to learn about Mongolia.

#1. Chingisiin huuhduud (2017) – IMDb 8.3

The Mongolian people from long ago have had a tradition of three cultural games that have always been around during the time of festivities. Mongolian wrestling, racing horses and archery were among the three traditional games called Naadam. This story will focus on the horse racing tradition. The town’s best horse race trainer Bold, has many people gathered at his house for a special announcement. Bold begins to brag about his horses and skills and how no one in town is better than him. Bold begins to talk about his most prized horse, the brown steed that still has yet to find its rider. After hearing this the townspeople recommend Dambii’s eldest son Dorj to be the rider. Upon hearing this Boldoo decides to ask Dambii’s son Dorj to be the rider for his horse. Dambii lives with his wife, Dolgor and three sons, Dorj (12 yrs old), Byambaa (8 yrs old) Nanzaa (4 yrs old) in the vast countryside in Mongolia. All of Dambii’s sons have a knack for the horse. When Bold recruites Dambii’s eldest son his middle son Byambaa gets angry that he wasn’t chosen to ride. When Byambaa gets angry that he wasn’t chosen he storms off.  —Zolbayar Dorj

#2. The Steed (2019) – IMDb 8.9

Set in the first part of the 20th century during the Russian revolution’s spill over into the vast majestic lands of Mongolia. This epic story is about family, love, devotion and kinship with one’s homeland, told through the experiences of a boy and horse whose extraordinary bond to each other and the land gives them the courage to never give up the quest to find the other after being cruelly separated.  —Trevor Doyle

#3. Top Secret (2017) – IMDb 8.5

After three years of mandatory military service, senior soldiers who want to be discharged are given a one-year extension order without any special explanation at the military headquarters, and senior soldiers are re-introduced to have military training with new soldiers.  —Lee keun young

#4. The Mother (2016) – IMDb 8.8

In 1984 Khand, a single mother aged 69 lives in Uws province while her only son was gone to serve Republic Army. An unfortunate event occurs and her son is convicted for murder. Khand would travel miles and dedicate every breath, fight with everything she has for her only child.

#5. Sodura (2015) – IMDb 7.9

Sodura is a girl of Taiga and relocated in the big city. She finds herself unable to adapt to the city lifestyle and returns to her home in Taiga, heartbroken. Her tribe blames her coming home pregnant with outsider’s child. The only person understood her pain was Ak-Od. Sodura falls in love with him, but he was engaged and married by his fathers will. A wild fire breaks out in Taiga and the tribesmen discovers illegal poachers, while taking out the fire. Pouchers have killed the very last moose of the Taiga. Ak-Od was accused of aiding the poachers, but gets killed while trying to prove his innocence. Sodura gives a birth with the assist of tribe’s shaman and she reveals that Sodura was not originally from Taiga and she should be the one to go on envoy to preserve the life of Taiga.

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