Mongolia Top 10s

Top 10 questions asked by travelers before the tour to Mongolia.

Mongolia Travel FAQ

Top 10 questions asked by travelers before the tour to Mongolia.

Top 10

#1. How do I get to Mongolia?

You can reach the Mongolia by international flight, train or road.

Reaching Mongolia by Air: Chinggis Khaan International Airport outside of Ulaanbaatar is the only airport in Mongolia that offers international flights. International flights run all year round by National carrier MIAT Mongolian Airlines.  Direct flights are available from Berlin (German), Moscow (Russia), Beijing (China), Seoul (Korea), and Tokyo (Japan). Foreign Airlines are operating flights connecting Ulaanbaatar with Moscow, Beijing, and Seoul.

Reaching Mongolia by Rail: The Trans-Mongolian railway which connects Moscow and Beijing passes through Ulaanbaatar. Mongolian railway runs to Ulaan- Ude, Irkutsk, and Beijing.

Reaching Mongolia by Road:

Mongolia borders with only 2 countries China and Russia. It is possible to reach the country by road, either by bus or by a hired vehicle via Altanbulag border from Khyakhta, RUSSIA and via Zamiin Uud border from Erlian with CHINA.

#2. How about Mongolian Visa, how to get Mongolian Visa?

If you are taking Amicus Travel’s tours, we are ready to help you to obtain Mongolian Visa. depending on if you need Company Invitation letter or Official Invitation Letter or even On arrival Visa, we will arrange those as below:

  1. Company Invitation Letter: We will provide the invitation Letter to you so that you can apply Mongolia Visa to the Mongolian consulate or Embassy in your country.
  2. Official Invitation Letter: Amicus travel submit all necessary documents for the Consulate of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and Consulate in Ulaanbaatar send the official Visa Invitation (Visa pre-approval letter) to the Mongolian consulate in your country and then you can take your Mongolia Visa.
  3. On Arrival Visa: We will arrange on arrival visa from Mongolian Immigration in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia before your arrival.

#3. Where can I exchange the money?

You can exchange your money at the airport banks once you meet with your guide and driver. The exchange rate at the airport is same with exchange corner in the hotel and city center. In Ulaanbaatar, ATMs are widely available everywhere. Credit cards are accepted in most hotels, restaurants and shops. But in the countryside (outside of Ulaanbaatar), cash rules everything.

#4. Is it possible to connect to Internet during a tour in Mongolia?

Free Wi-Fi internet is available in all hotels in Ulaanbaatar. But very few Ger camps have Wi-Fi during your countryside trip. If you really need internet while traveling in Mongolia, it’s a good idea to buy a mobile 3G SIM card from Ulaanbaatar, before start your countryside trip. With the 3G SIM card, you can use internet service using your mobile phone where is the network covering the places.  But the internet speed is not so fast!

#5. What vehicle will we use?

4 x 4 Japanese, Korean vans or Jeep cars are arranged for tours. We mostly use 4WD Japanese minivan “Mitsubishi Delica” car (4 passenger seats) that is really suited Mongolian road in countryside. The car is comfortable and air-conditioned. If your group more than 4pax, we will use 2 minivans for your trip.

Transfer between the city and the airport is made by mini buses and vans or small city cars like sedan depending on number of guests.

#6. I am vegetarian, could it be arranged?

Don’t worry about your diet in Mongolia. Vegetarian & vegan food is available during the trip.
Food: Mongolian diet is quite westernized and during your trip in Mongolia you will be served by mostly western food. If you require vegan or vegetarian food, please inform us in advance so that arrangements can be made.

#7. What kind of plugs are used in Mongolia for electrical gadgets?

In Mongolia, the voltage is 220V/50Hz and Mostly round twin forks sockets are used (Type C). Do not forget your universal plug adapter! When you stay in Ger camps, it will be possible to charge the batteries of your electronic gadgets. Also it will be possible to charge the batteries on the vehicle’s cigar lighter on the way.

#8. How much should I tip for our guide and driver?

Tipping is not compulsory in Mongolia, but it is highly recommended for guides and drivers. However, tipping amount depends on how you pleased with their service from your tour guide and driver, approximately 5-10% of your tour price is appreciated.

#9. What should I wear in Gobi Desert?

When you travel in Gobi Desert, you will experience how the change of the temperature between days and nights great too. While in the morning, afternoon and evening is hot, at night you are often advised to put on warm clothing. Good walking boots, sandals and long-sleeved t-shirt, binoculars, … are recommended.

#10. How much cash should I draw?

How much cash you should have depends on your needs. Generally, in Ulaan Baatar, a meal in a good restaurant costs about up to 15 dollars and a beer (0,5 liter) costs between 3 dollars and taxi fee is around 0.5 dollar per km. Souvenirs price range from 5 dollars to 100 dollars. Cashmere clothes, scarves costs from 15 dollars to 500dollar. We highly recommend you to change your currency at airport banks or exchange offices in Ulaanbaatar, as foreign currencies are not allowed in the countryside. Kindly note that damaged notes and older notes may not be accepted. Credit cards are accepted in large shops and supermarkets in the city.




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