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Traditional Games of Mongolia

Traditional Games and Toys of Mongolia

Traditional Games of Mongolia

Mongolian folk games are unique in that they clearly reflect the living conditions of the people and do not require any special accommodation or equipment, so they are well adapted to the nomadic way of life and its circumstance.
Here are games that Mongolians have been playing common:

Ice Archery

Traditional Games of Mongolia > Dembee
Dembee is a strange melody game that is popular among Mongolians and is played by debating. The main principle of the game is to guess the combined sum of the fingers of two players. If guessed number matches the total number of fingers drawn by two people, you get one point. Each time you score, you press one finger on one hand. The first to get the 5th point wins. The main factors influencing this are the agility of the fingers, the sharpness of the eyes, the clarity of speech, the ability to hear and receive, and the speed of movement of the fingers. Then losing opponent drinks a fermented milk.

Puzzle game

Mongolian Traditional Toys > Puzzle game
There is evidence that puzzles were played during the Xiongnu Dynasty. Puzzle itself comes from a nomadic civilization. Our ancestors used to think that they could easily disassemble and reassemble their homes, furniture when they move constantly. It has evolved over time. The puzzle is made of mostly wood and has numerous types. It develops the human mind and develops the ability to think and create. One of the most valuable benefits of puzzle solving is that it helps to improve concentration, cognitive skills, memory, and problem solving.

Anklebone shooting

Traditional Games of Mongolia > Anklebone games
Mongolians play in dozens of games with anklebone, including Multicolored turtle, horse racing, camel racing, anklebone shooting, set four difficult, and Catch anklebones, Guessing and anklebone flicking. Even we also practice fortune-telling with the ankles. Ankle archery (Ankle bone shooting) is also a traditional Mongolian sport which is included in Naadam Festival.
Each of these games has a specific content format. They have strict rules for playing individually.

Ice Archery

Ice archery
Mongolian men have been playing ice ankles for a long time. In the book “Mongolian Secret History”, Temujin and Jamukha played ice shooting. Ice ankle shooting can be the root of the well-known sports of bowling and curling. These game techniques are evident in the ice ankle game. Ice ankle is a scoring game. Play with a score of 1-5, and the player with the most points wins. Players compete as a team by shooting arrows from a distance of about 100 meters on a flat ice road.

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