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Traditional Mongolian Furniture

Traditional Mongolian Furniture

When you visit nomad family in Mongolian Ger, first you may notice on beautifully crafted traditional furniture like beds, storage boxes (avdar), table, stools, cupboard and a drawer. Certainly the Mongolian yurt furniture is adapted to the nomadic way of life in a yurt. Most of the furniture used in yurt has box-shaped forms, that are easy to stack in piles and band together when they move. Most of Mongolian traditional furniture is decorated by colorful motifs on surfaces or crafted in detail. The types of motifs and crafts are encompassed animal figures, plant figures, geometrical shape, and other shapes. Traditional yurt furniture includes 2 single-size beds, a table and four stools, cupboard and closet.

Chests (avdar):
Mongolians consider chest accumulate and store fortune and good deeds of that family. Mongolian chest is always kept pairing in any family symbolizing twin and couple life law. This traditional furniture was used in every family previously. Today mostly families who live in traditional Mongolian Ger has this traditional chest. Chests have various colorful depiction on its surface. Most common are lion. Chest or avdar always placed on the most honored northernmost side just opposite of door. Main purpose of this furniture is storage of family’s precious things like book, celebration Deels..,etc.

Table & Seats:
The sole tables in Mongolian Ger are used multipurpose like worship, dining, drinking tea, reading and writing. Tables and stools are mostly placed between the chest and the central pillar. Feature of Mongolian table is its craft and colorful pattern on it. Furniture used for seat has many styles: stools, chairs, high platforms, thrones, folding stools. Chairs are always painted and smaller than modern coffee table.

Mongolian bed

Beds include folding beds, demountable beds, fixed bed. In Mongolia, beds were used for much more than sleeping. They were used for sit and gather to play and it has drawers to keep their clothes and other things. Nomads are likely place the their most precious saddle next to the bed on the west side.


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