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Trans-Siberian Railway

Trans-Mongolia railway

Trans-Siberian Railway

Trans-Siberian railway has 7 time zones and from Moscow to Beijing takes 6 days. The railway consists of Trans-Manchurian, Trans-Mongolian railways and Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM).

Fortunately, you may arrange your route schedule depending on your time and your wish during the trip because Trans-Siberian railway is like hop-on hop-off, you can get off and set up stopovers on the way to see more about the site. The railway passes almost 90 cities and crosses over 16 rivers.

Trans-Mongolian Railway

Today, Trans-Mongolian railway, with 80 years of its history, has 78 station, span over approximately 9000 kilometers. Train #003 and #004 route offer fascinating combination of Siberia, Green Steppe and Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Train 003 leaves Beijing for Moscow every Wednesday morning, while train 004 travels from Moscow every Tuesday evening, arriving in Beijing six days later.

In Transit Mongolia 2017 forum, the head of Ulaanbaatar Railway Station noted that the transport lines on both sides of Mongolia are congested, while the line through Mongolia are shorter and more time-efficient than Kazakhstan and Manchurian Railways.

About 1200 kilometers of this railway is in Mongolian territory, excluding other parts of the Trans-Siberian railroads in other countries. Every year around 3.5 million people ride Mongolian railways and it transports around 22 million tons of cargo. Due to the railway gauge in China is different from the gauge in Russia and Mongolia, crossing borders into China takes a lot of time as every bogies of carriage need to be replaced.

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