Close to Ulaanbaatar

Hustai National Park (Wild horse Park)is located about 62 miles (100km) west of Ulaanbaatar. This area is home to the Mongolian wild horse known as Perzevalski horse (takhi).
Hustai has unique landscape that features mountain steppe and steppe, also there are sand dunes representing Gobi of Mongolia and River wetlands. National park has 450 species of vascular plants, 200 of which are medicinal.
Highlights: The National Park area is ideal for hiking, horseback riding, ornithology, flower watching, and nature photography.

Destination & Highlights

Terelj National Park is a tourist attraction

Terelj National Park

Terelj National Park is one of the most visited and interesting national parks of Mongolia. It is connected with Ulaanbaatar by a paved road with 70km.
The National Park is by its natural beauty, forested alpine mountains and interesting rock formations (Massive woolsack weather conditions) very well known.
Highlights: Turtle Rock, Meditation temple Ariyabal and visit local nomadic families. During the summer there are great opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, flower and bird watching.

Turtle Rock in Terelj National Park

The Turtle Rock

The Turtle Rock, or called Melkhi Khad by the locals, is an interesting rock formation looking like a turtle. This giant rock formation is a popular spot for visitors to the area. There are you can ride a camel or travel on horseback around scenic nature.

Ariyabal meditation temple is a tourist attraction of Mongolia

Ariyabal meditation temple

Ariyabal meditation temple is situated in the scenic area of Terelj National Park, 3 km from Turtle Rock. Buddhist Monks performs meditation ritual for many years amongst beautiful and tranquil mountains.
The temple is surrounded by scenic mountains with interesting rock formations and sits at top of the mountain. The entrance of the gate is accessible by car, hiking or on horseback. The distance between the gate and the actual temple is about 1 km and it is only accessible by walking. To get to the top, you would cross the suspension bridge and climb up on 108 stairs, according to Buddhist prayer beads. This small hike is seen as a ritual to cleanse one’s sins. The temple, when observed from distance, can be seen as a beautiful white elephant and the staircase looks as if the dangling elephant’s trunk. From the top, you can enjoy the breathtaking view overlooking the Terelj National Park.

Chinggis Khan's Statue Complex is a tourist attraction of Mongolia

Genghis Khan Statue Complex

Genghis Khan Statue Complex is currently the biggest (40m high) equestrian statue in the world. It is connected with Ulaanbaatar by a paved road with 54km.There is a recreation area, restaurants, and souvenir shops occupy the base structure. From here, visitors use an elevator or walk to the head of the horse through chest and back neck of the horse, where they can have farseeing and good panorama view over the complex area.

Manzushir Monastery is a tourist attraction of Mongolia

Mt. Bogd Khan National Park

Mt. Bogd Khan national park is one of the oldest national parks in the world, protected since 1783.The main entrance to the National Park is 45 kilometers to the south west of the Ulaanbaatar city. In summers, meadows between woods are covered with a number of different types of flowers, most of which are popular edelweiss, producing colorful scenery. There are many hiking routes; the highest peak of Tsetsee Gun is one of the lovely routes by hikers.

Hiking in Mongolia

Manzshir Monastery

Manzshir Monasteryis located in the luxuriant valley of the Bogd Khan Mountain National Park.It was established in 1733 with 20 temples and 300 monks. Destroyed in 1932, the only remaining temple has been restored and a museum at the site tells the story of the Monastery.
The surrounding area is perfect for walking through green woods, meadows and mountain clear water streams.

13th Century Theme Park is a tourist attraction of Mongolia

13th Century Theme Park

13th Century Theme Park is built and established in real time micro kingdom of the 13th Century to make the real experiences for the tourists during their stay by genuinely providing true environment of the way of living. Within this country, the rule of the law is strong and there is no television, electricity and phones are allowed for the real experience.
Highlights: King’s palace, herder’s camp, shaman’s camp, educational and craftsmen camp.

Gun-Galuut National Park

Gun-Galuut National Park is a local protected area for conservation of global threatened species. Enjoys to see Gun-Galuut vast steppe seems to meet the sky, the imposing mountains, a home land of rare creatures, small lakes, a paradise of birds, Kherlen, the longest river of Mongolia and Tsengiin Burd wetland, in where water and wetland birds lay their eggs. Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve.