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Where to eat in Ulaanbaatar

The Best Restaurants in Ulaanbaatar

Where to eat and drink in Ulaanbaatar

Please kindly check below a list of recommendation for the Most popular Restaurants in UB

National Food Restaurants in Ulaanbaatar

“Modern nomads” Chain of Mongolian Restaurants
Modern Nomads are proud of Mongolia’s culture, traditions and offers the guests the taste of rich Mongolia food culture, traditional dishes with unique and natural flavors, presented in modern dining style.
Website: www.modernnomads.mn 

The Mongolian’s Restaurant
A museum-located restaurant decorated with various antique and art objects to introduce the Mongolian cultural heritage to their guests. It has a Ger VIP.
Website: #mongoliansrestaurant

Western Food Restaurants

Rosewood Kitchen + Enoteca
Rosewood is a forward-thinking restaurant focusing on locally sourced ingredients, Italian inspired cuisine with our Chef’s global twist.
Address: Seoul Street 7/1, 1st Floor MGG Office Building, Ulaanbaatar
Website: www.rosewood-restaurant.com

Veranda – Italian, Mediterranean
The Veranda restaurant is located right from the Choijin Lama Temple you can seat on a comfortable sofa or, in the summertime. Veranda offers a good variety of European style cuisine. In summer, they have balcony seating overlooking a Buddhist temple and service is of a high standard.
Address: Jamyngun street 5/1 with the view of the Choijin Lama Temple
Website: www.veranda.mn

Route 22 Restaurant & Lounge
Offering a gourmet fusion dining experience coupled with the first-class service in a cozy ambiance. With over 150 selections of wines and an in-house wine expert, the Route 22 team is also dedicated to spreading wine culture in Mongolia.
Address: Tourist Street, Chingeltei district, 1st khoroo 15160, Ulaanbaatar
Website: #Route22Mongolia

Monet Fine Dining 
Monet is a very popular restaurant in an excellent location on the 17th floor of the Central Tower beside Sukhbaatar Square. Guests are always very comfortable and happy with the delicious meals, amazing views, and professional service. Monet’s has views over the entire city including the Bogd Khan Mountains.
Address: Central Tower, 17th floor, 2 Great Chinggis Khaan’s Square, SBD-8, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 14200
Website: #monetrestaurant.mn/

California Restaurants
One of the popular dining spots, the restaurant has a well-earned reputation with its burgers, steak, salads, and wines. Breakfast is modeled after the American Denny’s restaurant chain.
Address: Seoul St central Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

Broadway Chain Restaurants
This franchise restaurant offers both European & Asian dishes, and pizzas.
Website: www.broadway.mn


Hot Pot Restaurants

Little sheep hot pot restaurant
You will taste the perfect taste of boiled fresh mutton that feed on grass and herbs of their native land, which contains good herbs and spices for your health.
Website: www.littlesheep.mn

MaxiPot Hot Pot
The MaxiHotPot is the most reputable restaurant serving hot and cold dishes with more than 40 branches in Central China and Southeast Asia. This hot pot is prepared daily with fresh and healthy products. Hot cooks require skilled cooks from professional chefs.
Address: Sambuu st., 5th khoroo, Chingeltei district, Ulaanbaatar
Website: #Maxipot.restaurant/

The Bull
Order an array of raw vegetables, sauces and thinly sliced meats, which are brought to your table on platters, then cook the ingredients in your personal cauldron of boiling broth.

Thai restaurants in Ulaanbaatar

Bangkok Thai Restaurant
The restaurant serves you chicken curries, deep-fried fish, fruit flatters and has a spectacular view to Sukhbatar’s square.
Address: 1 Chingis Avenue First Floor, Union of Artists of Mongolia Building, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

Thai Elephant Restaurant
In a peaceful atmosphere with Thai culture, the Thai Elephant Restaurant serves to deliver the quality and taste of delicious, such as Tom Tam Soup, Pat-Thai, Quay-Teak and Thai-Laksha.
Address: Naran Plaza 5th floor, Peace bridge, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar
Website: #intercuisine.thaiexpress

Mexican Restaurants in Ulaanbaatar

Los Bandidos Zaisan Restaurant
Mongolia’s first and best Indian Mexican restaurant. Will be a best excellent choice for vegetarians.
Address: Zaisan Square Mall, Zaisan Street , 11th Khoroo, Ulaanbaatar
Website: #LosBandidos

Mexikhan & Guantanamera Restaurant
Enjoy their hospitality through carefully selected cuisine entrusted by our own Mexican & Mongolian chefs and overseen by their local JV Mexican & International owners.
Website: #mexikhanrestaurant

Japanese Restaurants in Ulaanbaatar

Nagomi Kaitensushi Restaurant
Served wide variety of sushi’s in turning table. You can choose any sushi basing on your preferences and price of the sushi varies by the color of the plates.
Website: Nagomi-Sushi-Restaurant

Sekitei Restaurant
Decorated by a Japanese style with six tatami rooms for 6-10 people each. One can enjoy real Japanese traditional meal sushi, sashimi, and kayski, along with other types of fresh fish.
Address: Sansar service center, Bayanzurkh district, Ulaanbaatar
Website: www.sekitei.mn

Shibuya Teppanyaki Restaurant
Served wide variety of sushi’s in turning table. You can choose any sushi basin on your preferences and price of the sushi varies by color of the plates.
Address: Seoul street Naran Mall 3rd floor, Ulaanbaatar
Website: Shibuya-Teppanyaki

Korean Restaurants in Ulaanbaatar

Sura Korean Restaurant
The restaurant has pleasant environment, comfortable condition and friendly staffs.

Seoul Restaurant
One of the fanciest restaurants in the city, serving Korean buffet completing with enjoyable live band performances. There is also a shabu-shabu barbeque on the wood-paneled balcony.
Address: Seoul Restaurant building in National Children’s Park, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar
Website: SeoulRestaurant

Indian Restaurants in Ulaanbaatar

Hazara Restaurant
Delicious kebabs, curries, naans, and biryanis, served in the privacy of your own “shamiana”.
Address: Behind Wrestling Palace Peace Avenue, 13th Microdistrict, Ulaanbaatar
Website: www.hazara.mn

Namaste Restaurant
“Namaste” Indian restaurant is one of the first local chain Indian restaurants in Mongolia and offering the choicest of North Indian cuisine in a contemporary setting.
Website: www.namaste.mn

Chinese Restaurants in Ulaanbaatar

Delivering exceptional Chinese cuisine and culture in the center of the city; Hutong restaurant serves the best Beijing duck and versatile options to cater to everyone’s cravings.
Address: Shangri-La Hotel, 19 Olympic Street, Sukhbaatar District-1, Ulaanbaatar, 14241,
Website: Hutong

One of the best Chinese restaurant in Ulaanbaatar.
Address: Premium Hotel, Ulaanbaatar
Website: #Yulong

Turkish Restaurants in Ulaanbaatar

Gobi Cave Turkish restaurant
Near Gandantegchinlen monastery, with a comfortable interior and friendly staff will serve delicious meals.
Address: ANKARA CENTER, Bayn Gol District, 17th Khoroo, Amarsanaa Street, Ulaanbaatar
Website: #Gobicave

Istanbul Café
You will enjoy excellent food with friendly service. The price is affordable too.
Address: Empathy center, 2nd floor, Beijing st., 8th khoroo, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar
Website: #IstanbulCafeUB

Vietnamese restaurants in Ulaanbaatar

Pho Café Mongolia
If you are in Ulaanbaatar and love Pho or Thailand meal, this restaurant will be an excellent choice. It has also Lunch menu with fried rice paper dessert.
Address: Baga Toiruu, left side of Chinese Embassy, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar
Website: #PhoCafeMongolia

Arabian restaurants in Ulaanbaatar

Ali Baba
Ali Baba brings the centuries-old art of Arabian and Mediterranean cuisine to Mongolia for the first time. The food combines dishes, influences and flavors from the best of Arabian and Mediterranean Cuisine – from Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco and Andalusia.
Address: Ambassador Street, Ulaanbaatar
Website: #AlibabaUB

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