Winter in Mongolia is Cold but Incredibly Beautiful to Explore!

Mongolia Winter travel On this vast land, Mongolia has four distinct seasons, and each season has its unique beauty. If you come from a region where it rarely snows, Mongolian winter season is beautiful and shinny white snow scenery would be particularly worth seeing. It’s snowing across the country, but not heavy. Winter begins in early November and lasts about 110 days until March.

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Recommended Winter Tours

When: 1 November - 1 April
Price: from US$ 1,690
Days: 8
Where: Ulaanbaatar- Hustai National Park- Khakhorin & Erdenezuu Monastery - Bayan Gobi sand dunes & Camel riding- Terelj National Park & horse riding - Genghis Khan’s Statue Complex- 13th century complex- UB