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Youtube channels providing Mongolian documentaries and blogs in English

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Youtube channels providing Mongolian documentaries

Sometimes, documentaries give people more information than the movies because of its simple but true parts without exaggeration. So that, we round up some documentaries about Mongolian life sorted by IMDb ratings.

#1. New Atlantis Full Documentaries

Mongolia (IMDb rating: 8.13), was released in 2007 by New Atlantis Full Documentaries. This Youtube channel provides several videos including documentaries in English, Italian and other. The documentary is about nomad lifestyle, some architectural buildings temples and landscape of Mongolia. Contrasting people’s lifestyle living in different region of Mongolia is very unique and you can view many different culture from one documentary.

Web link:

New atlantis Full Documentaries


This channel includes very different views of Mongolia in short videos. Especially, channel seems that they focus on unique food culture, recipe and Mongolian cuisine. There are so many country’s documentary, so that you need to search ‘Mongolia’ in this youtube channel.

Web link:


#3. Adventure calls

This one provides not many documentaries about Mongolia. But there is A Journey Through Mongolia (Full Length Documentary) which is a travel documentary from our one-month trip through the great expanses of the Mongolian plains.

Web link:

Adventure calls

#4. FunkyGer

This is all about Mongolian modern music culture but in Mongolian traditional Ger. Mostly, the host invites Mongolian singers in traditional nomadic family and hold a small house party in a traditional way when he plays DJ set.

Web link:

Funky Ger

#5. History with Hilbert

This channel is usually about history around the world. Hilbert, historian and vlogger in Clogs, do research and make these videos by his own. You will know when you visit this channel, only thing you need to do is put Mongolia on the search section.

Web link:

history with hilbert


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