Mongol Nomadic Ger Camp

Mongol Nomadic Ger camp is only 55 km away from the capital city Ulan Bator, located at the West side of the city, towards the natural reserve of Khustai. They organize a Mongol Nomadic show everyday.

  • Location: in Hustai National Park,
  • Number of standard Gers: 24
  • Number of wooden house: 0
  • Number of deluxe Gers with private bathroom: 4
  • Restaurant: 1
  • Electricity: 24 hrs
  • Sanitary: western style hot shower & washing facilities.
  • Internet access availability: 3G
  • Mobile network: GSM (Mobicom, Unitel), CDMA (G-Mobile, Skytel)

Additional service & things to do in this Ger camp: (some services are not guaranteed)

  • Horse riding
  • Camel riding
  • Trekking with oxcart
  • Mongol nomadic show